Sing: So what is Kung Fu Romance?

Mei: Kung Fu Romance  is a graduate animation film by students from the BA (Hons) Animation Production course in the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, UK. The film was finished in June 2009 and is currently unavailable to be viewed online due to exclusive screenings at festivals for a year. So do come check back in 2010/2011!

Sing: Ah I see… But I  don’t think I heard of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth before…

Mei: Maybe its got something to do with its name change. Its now called the Arts University College at Bournemouth. The students that made Kung Fu Romance graduated just before the name change in 2009.

Sing: I guess they are the last of the AIBers then! But who are they and why did they make this film?

Mei: Yep! Ben came up with the idea of the story and he pitched it to the people of the course and it got picked to be turned into a grad film which he worked on with Tunde and Keith and many other helpers. You can find out who worked on this in the Credits list.

Sing: Be sure to check it out folks! But tell me… what is the film about?

Mei: There is a short blurb written about it somewhere… Hang on let me dig it up for you…

Film Synopsis

He is a clumsy martial arts student failing in his class. She is the beautiful, powerful daughter of the Grand Master. This is a story of how he finds inspiration in her to try overcoming his flaws in a battle to prove his worth and win her heart. This is a story of one boy, one girl and one love worth fighting for.


Sing: C’mon!!! I wouldn’t say I’m clumsy idiot!

Mei: The idiot part wasn’t mentioned but its a better fit! Moving on… Ben was inspired by a lot of the wuxia films and also the many Stephen Chow films he grew up watching. Actually Sing… you were named after Stephen (Chinese name: Chow Sing Chi) and some of your personality is modeled on the characters he depicted.

Sing: Really?!?!?! Then what about you then?

Mei: Oh! I was named after the girl from the House of Flying Daggers because we are both a deadly beauty 😀

Sing: You always get the good compliments… then how about Master Chiu? Was he inspired by anyone?

Mei: Indeed! Ben knew a Hung Kuen master by the same name. He used to go to his office to draw with his pupils who were all keen on drawing themselves. But I heard that sifu’s personality was based on Ben’s animation tutor Peter Parr.

Sing: Ah! Sounds like quite a bit of Mr Creator’s interests and experience was put into this film. Mashing up genres like martial arts and romance is kinda what Stephen Chow does in his work.

Mei: Yes! That’s where the idea began. But you would not believe how different the initial ideas were compared to the end. It took a bit of refining and day dreaming to develop it further. I heard he was stuck on the idea for a while but after speaking to many others about the issues gave him new ideas and angles to approach it from.

Sing: I always wondered where we came from. Now I know!



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