DirectorBen Ho

Lead AnimatorsTunde Jaji, Keith Rowsell

Junior AnimatorsTegan Jephcott, Hozen Britto

Backgrounds and LayoutsBen Ho, Rogie Custodio

Additional Animation – Sam Bullard, Anders Furevik, Hollie Taylor, Ed Spencer, Nat Cooper, Rogie Custodio, Marguerite Dumans, Keith Rowsell, Tunde Jaji, Ben Ho

Digital Colouring – Jonathon Headon, Anders Furevik, Ben Ho, Keith Rowsell, Tunde Jaji, Tegan Jephcott, Hollie Taylor, Rogie Custodio

Trace – Tunde Jaji, Keith Rowsell, Ben Ho

Editor – Toby Tomkins

Composer – Veronica M. Chen

Sound Designer – Veronica M. Chen

End Credits – James Swindells

Special Thanks – Peter Parr, Anne Terkelsen, Peter Symons, Paul Hilton, Tom Walsh, Richard Smith, Mauricio Villamil, Jon Turner, Paul Ward, Mark Tompkins, Tori Davis, Tim Holleyman and all our friends and families


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